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Dongguan Sushen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise specialized in R&D and production of sewing machines. Mr. Li Muji, the current chairman, was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1964. Because Taiwan's economy was just starting at the time, all the sewing machines were imported from the United States and Japan. Mr. Li Muji began to develop the first sewing machine made by the Chinese. At that time, he became the first brand in Taiwan. When the mainland opened to the outside world in 1990, Mr. Li Muji resolutely decided to introduce advanced production equipment, manufacturing technology and technology, and set up the company in Dongguan Dalang. The company relies on more than 40 years of experience accumulation and continuous technological innovation. Already has a perfect modern management system and a complete product series. The "Sew God", "Xing Fa Min", and "Sew God Royal" series of knitting machines developed and produced by the company are well-known in Asia. Its sales and service outlets are all over the mainland market, and the products are exported overseas. Especially in recent years, the company has increased R&D efforts and established an elite R&D and service team. Continuously launch new products according to market demand, provide elaborate integrated solutions for mass customers, and meet customer one-stop procurement needs. It has been pursuing technological leadership among its peers, and has pursued win-win cooperation among its customers. You are welcome to guide.
      With 40 years of technology, experience, and the spirit of continuous innovation and quality requirements, the company produces products with novel and beautiful designs. Using advanced technology, reliable quality. Can be regarded as the most advanced field in the same industry, it can be described as "outstanding", the production of "sewing god", "sewing god royal", "Xingfamin", "sewing god good helper" brand sewing machine, twist Wire machine and embedding machine are well-known in Asia.

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