How to thread the embedding machine

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With the development of China's industry, more and more industries are beginning to use machinery to replace manual work. It is simple and efficient. Then everyone knows how much the needle and suture process commonly used in sweater embedding and clamping machines What?
The needle of the sweater embedding machine is a triangle-shaped needle. This type of needle is suitable for sewing thick or hard leather materials that require large stitches together because of its strong penetrating power. There is a needle with a small triangular section at the tip of the needle tip. It is easier to pierce the leather fabric than the ordinary needle. It is commonly used when sewing synthetic leather uppers and PU leather materials. In addition, the needle tip is ground into a square cone. The square needle tip is similar to the triangular needle tip; the diamond and oval needle tips have a cut and the needle threading direction is perpendicular to the stitch direction; when using these two needles, if the stitch Too dense will cause the incision to expand further, so these two needles are suitable for sewing with large stitch lengths or thick materials (such as thick and long decorative stitches). There are some special types of needles with oval needle tips, which can be combined with specific equipment to understand their applicable occasions.
The pinhole is used for threading, so the circumference of the hole (especially the top and bottom of the pinhole) should be smooth and without sharp edges. There are pinhole grooves at both ends of the pinhole to reduce the resistance of the suture through, and together make the orientation of the suture relative Fixed, so that the loop formation is more stable. There is a notch on the side of the upper part of the needle hole where the thread loop is formed (some needles have no notch), which can facilitate the looper or hook tip to be closer to the needle to penetrate the thread loop without the needle or shuttle tip being damaged.
Different sweater embedding machines have different stitching methods and different needles. For example, industrial sewing machine needles include flat sewing machine needles, interlock sewing machine needles, overlock sewing machine needles, and chain sewing machine needles. From the shape and name, there are single straight needles, double straight needles, three straight needles, hook needles, fur needles, glove needles, button needles (needle needles are more common than needle needles commonly used) Short), curved needles, etc. Most sewing machines use straight needles, and curved needles are mostly used for the processing of dark stitches.
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