What problems should be paid attention to when buying the embedding machine

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The use of the embedding machine can be seen in production now, and then some strange purchase scenes have been found, because it is necessary to ensure the regular use of the embedding machine, so in this case, the editor said that several purchase embedding machines should be paid attention to What's the matter.
We don't have any idea to buy the embedding machine. The indiscriminate purchase mentioned here must make a good industrial research, and then conduct related field observation query, for example, to the manufacturer's related field, or the manufacturer's reputation, all are field observation query content.
Understand that there are many units that produce embedding clamps at present. It is certain that there are a few of these manufacturers who only miss money and do not ask about the texture of embedding clamps. They must not cause accidents because of small profits. The most important thing is to ensure that the product is shipped to the buyer's place of use, to ensure unpacking and inspection processing, when checking, it is necessary to see whether the facility is complete, freely equipped parts, use equipment or optional accessories, to see whether it is with the list Unite. Remember to check to see if there was any damage during transportation.
The components of the embedding machine voted on the overall texture of the embedding machine. If the safety of the parts is not good, it will cause an accident. It is particularly important for people to pay attention to whether the production is illegal.
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