Market situation of cardigan hemming machine embedding machine

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The stitching of sweater pieces used to be done completely by manual operation of the sewing machine. The sweater embedding and clamping machine operation can be called a "problem of the century". As the sweater IE has always been studying how to change the redundant manual operation of the sewing machine into a fully active sewing operation controlled by high-tech computers and other computers, "very sad, Until now, this problem has not been completely solved in the world. Suffering from the pressure of labor resources in recent years, it is possible to fantasize and liberate manual operations, which is the hope that people will never forget.

It is understood that only the South Korean and Italian manufacturers are engaged in the research and development of the automatic sewing machine, and so far, only one or two companies are actively discussing the automatic sealing machine so far.
The first generation of embedding machine:
This machine is a high-speed sweater embedding machine (large body, sleeves), which is not correct, and can be intercolored (about 2 turns in a wrong line), and the control is about 2 pieces. The sewing thread chain is completely the same as the traditional sewing machine, which is convenient for folding and elastic. The stitch length can be adjusted freely, especially the thick stitch sweater stitching is more advantageous. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and new scholars can generally be proficient in one day of practice, and have no high requirements for the operator's vision and proficiency. Built-in fuel tank, easy to clean and maintain. It is a good product that saves manpower and improves operating power.
Second generation embedding machine:
Sweater embedding and clamping machine replaces high-speed sweater clamping and sewing machine. It does not require very flexible and skilled workers. The operation is simple and convenient. 5--6 times of the machine, the alignment effect is good, and the flowers can be color-matched.The elastic effect after sewing is no different from that of the suture disc.
Robust straight needle penetration, even thick materials can be easily stitched, the planning is streamlined together, it is convenient to operate and reduce workers' work fatigue.
The product is irrespective of the needle type, the stitch length is adjustable, and can be applied from 6 to 22 stitches.
Fully active intelligent positioning arrangement, adjustable size sides, good alignment effect, color matching to flowers, almost point-to-point stitching, no misalignment and other phenomena!

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