The competition challenges faced by my country's smart socket machine stores are still great

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my country's high-end smart socket machines started late and the research and development ability is relatively weak. The overall skill level of domestic products is still far from that of developed countries. However, in some areas, the domestic products have reached the world level. However, due to the long-term focus on the use of imported equipment by inspection organizations, and the lack of strict bidding supervision, some domestic high-end products have suffered contempt and it is difficult to expand domestic shopping malls.

In the past two years, my country's smart socket machine malls have continued to grow at a small rate, far exceeding the growth rate of international malls. Compared with the output ratio of international shopping malls, it can be seen that the potential of my country's shopping malls is still very considerable. We can be sure that "China's potential" will have a considerable number of "flowers" overseas suppliers. The constraints of domestic enterprises are not only from the strength of production skills, but also subject to the long-term "shopping for skills" model in domestic shopping malls. Many sequelae left behind.
If my country's local production profession has to endure the erosion of high-quality imported products, then the unreasonable criterion is that my country's shopping malls are committing suicide. Unreasonable criteria are also reflected in shopping malls discounting expensive imported products. Under the circumstances that the skills are not sophisticated and the shopping malls are also crooked and severe, the operating conditions of domestic smart socket manufacturers are even more difficult.
It can be seen that my country's blind worship of imported equipment has now penetrated into the standard, which is a "ceiling" that prevents domestic enterprises from continuing to move forward. Some domestic manufacturers have already made outstanding achievements in the production of multiple devices, which shows the progress of my country's manufacturing capabilities. Reformed from the standard, discarding the “overlord clause” by the behavior, adding sales of domestic smart socket machines is a big help to promote the development of domestic brands.

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