How to deal with the thread breakage of the sleeve machine?

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1. The line of the socket machine does not reach the line
A. The high and low behavior of the triangle is not smooth. The explanation is: sometimes the status is low and sometimes the status is high. When the thread hook is at the bottom of the line, it can be hooked to the thread, and the stitching is normal, but when the thread hook is high, the hook is not When you reach the line, or one side of the hook line, this is just a drop. The method of mediation depends on whether the triangle has a high or low behavior caused by that aspect. It is the plane above the triangle or the connecting rod connected to the inside of the large cam. Or it is caused by the improper position of the big cam. The reason is to adjust it. Generally, the position of the big cam needs to be adjusted. The method is to loosen the screw on the big cam and turn it slightly to reach the high and low action of the hook line triangle. In a suitable position, and then tighten the screws firmly.
B. The position of the pressure block on the upper part of the triangle is high. Relax the upper screw and turn the screw with knurled clockwise to make it a bit lower. When the thread hook passes through the slope of the curved needle, the There must be no conflicts on the curved bevel, the lower the status, the better.

2. The bending needle of the socket machine cannot be inserted into the triangle formed when the thread is hooked.
When sewing, the thread hook needs to move both high and low, and it must swing forward and backward. The high and low motion of the thread hook and the back and forth swing should be consistent with the triangle formed when the curved needle penetrates the thread and the thread is hooked. If it is not reconciled, the looper cannot accurately penetrate into the triangle formed when the thread is hooked. Similarly, if the thread hook is not flexible or irreconcilable, the looper cannot be accurately threaded into the thread. In the triangle formed by the line, it must be dropped.

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