Introduction of the structure advantages of the sleeve machine

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1. The parts of the bushing machine's abrasion-resistant flicking and sewing machine are large wheels, followed by thread take-up and flicking. The traditional type of flaking has the disadvantages of jumper and single yarn due to loosening during long-term operation; this machine adopts new type of bearing flaking The system is not easy to wear and improve the life span, and it is less prone to the above defects.
2. The magic knife holder operator does not need to wear a hinged shear for extra time, and the patented knife holder can easily cut the connection between the pieces.
3. The patented mid-panel oil of the sleeve machine protects the mid-panel paint for its beautiful and elegant purpose, making your sewing machine as beautiful as the new one.
4. Deep yarn ears correspond to loose yarn. Deep yarn. Keyhole workpiece.
5. Ergonomic foot pedal The foot pedal conforms to the ergonomics, and the application of the sole of the foot will never cause professional danger.
6. The large wheel oil tank of the sleeve machine is useful to prevent the lubricant from splashing and stolen clothing and protect the large wheel from dust entering the chute, which is more conducive to the extension of the mechanical life.

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