New sewing machine will introduce national industry specifications

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A few days ago, the "New Sewing Machine" textile industry specification drafting working group meeting organized by the National Textile Machinery and Accessories Standardization Technical Committee was held in Guangdong. Representatives from relevant domestic institutions of higher learning, scientific research and testing institutions and manufacturing enterprises participated in the meeting. Xu Haiping, a professor-level senior engineer of Zhejiang Fangyuan Testing Group, participated in this meeting, and as the main drafter of the code, gave a keynote speech on the test rules and test methods of the code.

The "new sewing machine" national industry specification (request for draft) stipulates the basic functions and parameters, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of the new sewing machine. The specifications apply to raw materials such as wool, cotton, A new type of disc sewing machine for making pure and blended yarns of natural and chemical fibers, such as silk, using a single-thread chain-forming method to sew various knitted fabrics loop-to-loop. The proposed release of the specification will play a positive role in regulating the new sewing machine market, improving product quality, and promoting industry development.
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