The selected stitching should match the piece to be sewn

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1. The sewing machine selected should match the piece being sewn
The threads used to sew clothing are collectively called stitches. The color of the stitching used to sew the woolen sweater should be the same as the color of the piece to be sewn. Otherwise, when the stitching is exposed on the appearance of the cardigan, it will affect the appearance. Regarding jacquard products and color-matching products, the color with a larger proportion of the seam is generally selected as the color of the seam. For individual sweaters that use seam as a decoration, the color of the seam can be selected according to their needs. The thickness of the suture also has a great influence on the quality of the stitching. It should be determined according to the thickness of the wool yarn of the clothing piece, the selected sewing equipment, method and stitch density. When the thickness is too thick, the stitching is difficult. When the thickness is too thin, the appearance and fastness are affected. Generally In this case, in order to sew smoothly, the stitches are preferably thinner or the same thickness as the wool of the garment. In order to ensure that the pieces and sutures are consistent in function and color during the long-term wearing process, the material of the sutures should be the same as or similar to the material of the pieces. Other sutures should have high strength and uniformity of strength, smooth appearance and uniform fineness, moderate and uniform twist, soft and elastic. Suture winding should be tight, lubricated without burrs, no knots and scratches to reduce broken ends and broken needles.
2. The stitches should be flat and can express the style characteristics
The seam refers to the seam formed by the stitching. Because the cardigan piece has greater extensibility, elasticity and certain disengagement, the stitches selected when sewing the piece must also have the extensibility and elasticity suitable for the piece and part being sewn, and It can prevent the coils on the edge of the garment from coming off. When sewing, the pieces should be aligned accurately according to the marks. The stitches should be flat and the stitches should not be noticeable. When machine stitching is used, the upper and lower threads are important to be moderate, so that the pieces are not wrinkled and the deformation is small. The stitch density should be greater than or equal to the density of the piece to be sewn, and the density should be uniform without stitch holes. When the seam end needs to be reinforced, enter the car to reinforce it, and the thread should be hooked into the clothing piece to make the appearance neat and wireless. In addition, in addition to the shape of the clothing piece, the style and shape of the cardigan must also be expressed by the matching seam. This requires the correct orientation of the seam, the transition should be smooth and smooth, and the elasticity should fit. Modeling needs and reflecting planning purposes.
3. Sutures must have a satisfactory fastness
The so-called stitching fastness refers to the use period of the cardigan after repeated stretching and conflicts during the wearing process, and the stitches are not damaged. The seam fastness is affected by the seam structure and the elasticity of the seam, especially the parts that are often stretched during the wear process. The elastic seam structure and the seam must be used to ensure that the seam is not pulled during use Broken and open seam off line. The strength of the seam is directly related to the strength of the seam. The greater the strength of the seam, the greater the strength of the seam. Generally, when the stitch density is large, its strength is also large, but when the stitch density is too large, the strength is reduced, and the cost of the stitching increases. The abrasion resistance of the suture also has a great influence on the fastness of the seam. When the cardigan is worn, almost all the seams are subject to conflict, especially the parts with large stretchability. Conflicts between sewing materials and sutures, human body or underwear and sutures occur more frequently. Practice has proved that the damage of the stitches is mostly caused by the broken sutures, so the sutures must be wear-resistant.
Selection of standard for nesting car:
Slotting is carried out on the cardboard sewing machine. The model number of the carding machine should match the model number of the cardigan knitting machine. Please refer to the table below when selecting the model of the carding machine. In the case of hemming, the lateral consumption is 2 to 3 courses, and the vertical consumption is 1 to 2 needles. When sewing wool sweaters, a 28×2tex~31×2tex worsted homochromatic wool yarn is often used as the suture; In the case of similar products, garment blanks are often used as stitching. There is no inclination of needle pattern and needle stitching during the socket. It is used here to fit shoulders and sleeves. The elongation of shoulder seam should be greater than 110%, and the elongation of shoulder seam should be greater than 130%.

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