Main components and inspection methods of embedding machine equipment

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1. Accessories for embedding machine equipment: needle plate and feed dog
The needle plate and feed dogs of the medium-speed sewing machine are double-rowed, and the back half of the embedding machine is subjected to a large force. When the operator uses the sewing machine with an inverted feed wrench for the reverse feed operation, it is very simple to inject the needle. The needle plate will collapse if the needle-carrying needle appears. If you use a good-quality needle plate, it will not be easy to present this appearance.
Inspection method: use a razor knife to put it into the feed slot of the needle plate, and swing the cloth, and carefully observe whether it is deformed by force, if the deformation is inferior. Not only that, but it can be seen that the accessories of the embedding machine equipment need to be selected.
2. Accessories for embedding machine equipment: presser foot
Inspection method: Use pliers to bite the presser foot to see if it can bite out the mark. The hardened needle presser foot, the pliers cannot bite.
3. Accessories of embedding machine equipment: machine needle
The high-speed double-section, silver-white, nickel-plated embedded clamp parts of the embedded clamp machine, especially the needle, are selected. Since most sewing products companies use high-speed sewing machines, many sewing products are new types of waterproof materials and chemical synthetic fiber materials, so the needles of Dalang embedding clamps need to withstand high temperatures, usually chrome-plated needles are not suitable , Even if available, the effect will not be too good.

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